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I have witnessed the dreams of countless women taking a shot at entrepreneurship, only to face setbacks, often due to a lack of experience or guidance. It's tough to see them return to the 9-5 routine, especially when I know how badly they crave financial freedom and cherished moments with their kids.

That's when it hit me: I needed to do something

And so, The BiggerBetterMe Coaching was born. I'm fueled by a passion for empowering women on their journey to financial independence through entrepreneurship. 

This space, created by a woman for women, is dedicated to supporting you every step of the way, whether you're nurturing a side hustle or considering the leap from traditional employment. Together, let's navigate the path to your freedom.
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"The Personal Branding workshop gave me so much CLARITY and removed all the confusion."
Ms. G - 
Mom & Aspiring Entrepreneur
"She is a selfless coach. She gave so much for free without holding back. I am blessed to be part of her workshop"
Ms. B - 
Employee & Entrepreneur
"I prayed for guidance and she is the one sent to me. I believe the CLARITY sheet will help me a lot"
Ms. C - 
Former OFW & Entrepreneur
"I really love your rags-to-riches life story. Gustong gusto ko makinig sa'yo because you are so energetic."
Ms. F - 
Mom & Entrepreneur

MY i-Story

We were once poor. Poor enough that I would queue to government agencies and Non-Profit Orgs to ask for financial help for a dear family member’s surgery and medical needs.

Picture this: two jobs, from 9 am-6 pm as an IT staff and 10 pm-6 am as a Call Center Agent. But that wasn't all—I hustled, selling various goodies to friends and colleagues just to make ends meet. It was a relentless juggle, a symphony of stress and exhaustion that echoed through sleepless nights.

I was sleep-deprived, on the brink of burnout, yet I pushed through.

This was my reality, and I wear it as a badge of honor. Poverty was the catalyst that ignited a fire within me, propelling me to level up my game. It's what steered me towards where I am now, and I'm proud of every step in that journey

motivational quote

Back in 2006, I got this unexpected invite to join Mary Kay, a Direct-Selling company that sells makeup. I was a bit unsure at first, but I thought, "Hey, I know how to sell stuff," so I decided to give it a try.

Guess what? It worked out way better than I thought! While I was doing my IT job, I also started this business on the side, and believe it or not, I ended up making more money from that than my regular job. It led to some amazing perks like trips to other countries, a car from the company, and a bunch of awards.

Life got a whole lot better for me and my family, and I couldn't have been happier.

After 7 years of working as an employee and as a Sales Director in Mary Kay, I took a leap of faith and co-founded an IT Software Consulting start-up business and several other businesses in Real-Estate and Consulting afterward. In addition, I got more involved in socio-civic causes as my way of giving back.

my mantra

Fast forward to today, I became a mom during the pandemic. My little girl, Heloise, came into my life, and everything changed. I decided to slow down and be there for her, to not miss a single precious moment of her growing up. But as I watched her play, I couldn’t help but think, “What can I do now to still make a difference even as a mom?”

I saw so many people struggling, especially women who lost their jobs because of the pandemic. I’ve been there; I’ve built businesses from scratch. So, I thought, why not help? It felt like the right thing to do. I want to show other women that they can stand on their own two feet, run their own businesses, and be their own bosses.

That’s what I’m here for—to guide you, to coach you, and to cheer you on as you take control of your life and work.

cecille ogier mission

Today, my mission is crystal clear: to empower women on their journey to financial independence through entrepreneurship.

I want to see them lead a rewarding life, with the freedom to manage their time and money. Helping women rise up has been my calling.

I’m here to share what I’ve learned and to give other women the tools they need to succeed. I believe that we, as women, can achieve anything we set our minds to, especially with a little push and support. Together, we can turn our ambitions into real, solid steps forward. So come along, and let’s make a difference, one woman at a time.