Frequently Asked Questions

How will the membership help me?
Education, results, and support. These are the top three benefits of becoming a member of this community. Each course is designed to help you either discover your inner strength, support you as you reach your life goals, provide guidance, and assess yourself and various aspects of your life to gain a better understanding of how well you are aligned with your life purpose and dream life. 

The courses provide you with practical ways to live your best life and be the best version of yourself in all aspects of your life. With over 50 additional resources that will deepen your understanding of how to be the best version of yourself and be a step closer to your goal every day. 

It is said that it takes a village to raise a child. If you will allow me to use this metaphor, then let this community be your village for a bigger, better you.
Can I cancel at anytime?
If you are enrolled in the monthly paid membership, then yes. You can cancel the membership anytime and the succeeding payment will stop. However, do note that payments made for the previously completed courses will not be reimbursed.
Is there a Facebook Support Group?
We are currently growing the support group and you are cordially invited to be one of our sharing person. Click here to join the group and share with your like minded friends.
How often is the courses updated?
2 new courses are added every month to continuously support your goals through learning, self-discovering, and empowerment.   
How long does it take to go through?
That really depends on the time that you will and can commit to each course. The courses were made easy to read and follow so you can quickly take advantage of the benefits that each course is offering.
Is there a money-back guarantee?
The courses were created for educational purposes. You are responsible for your progress and outcomes from the courses through guidance, motivation, and empowerment provided in the courses. Due to the nature of the courses and their scope, the results experienced by each member may differ significantly. The content of the courses and information are intended for a general audience and should not be interpreted as specific advice tailored to any individual.  

However, if you have applied the strategies revealed in this blueprint and you don’t see any improvement in your life,  share with us your completely done worksheet and we will refund your order within 15 days. 

100% Money Back Guarantee
No Questions Asked!