8 Clever Tips to Do Before Starting Your Business While Working

Date Published: March 4, 2024

8 Clever Tips to Launch Your Business While Keeping Your Day Job

Are you passionate about a business idea but hesitant to take the leap due to full-time job commitments? You're not alone! Many aspiring entrepreneurs dream of starting their own venture, but the fear of financial instability can hold them back. The good news is, launching a business doesn't have to be an all-or-nothing proposition. With careful planning and strategic execution, you can lay the groundwork for your dream business while still fulfilling your current work obligations.

This guide unveils 8 stealthy moves to help you confidently navigate the exciting yet demanding journey of launching your business on the side. From defining your purpose and mastering your time to building your online presence and leveraging the power of networking, we'll equip you with the essential knowledge and actionable steps to transform your side hustle into a thriving success story, all while maintaining your current income stream. So, get ready to unleash your entrepreneurial spirit and turn your passion into reality with these powerful strategies!

Well, 10 years ago, I used to juggle a very demanding full-time job as an IT Analyst ( traveling all over the Asia Pacific as an expat) while managing my Mary Kay Direct Selling Business as one of the Top Directors and starting up my IT Consulting firm. Whew!  


By implementing these tips, I successfully launched a thriving business while maintaining my full-time job. The key ingredients? Strategic planning and mindful execution.


1. Plan Your Time Wisely

This is tip #1 to do Before Starting Your Business while still working is Number 1 for a reason!

You're already working a full-time job, so it's important to manage your time effectively. Create a routine where you dedicate a specific number of hours each day to your dream business.

Timeboxing is your new best friend: Learn how to carve out dedicated hours for business development without neglecting your job responsibilities and personal life. 

Remember, achieving perfect work-life balance might not always be possible, but continuous improvement is key. Embrace the concept of kaizen, the Japanese philosophy of continuous improvement. By striving to be 1% better every day, you'll consistently optimize your time management skills, inching closer to your entrepreneurial goals without compromising your well-being.


Clever Tips to Do Before Starting Your Business 1. Manage your time
Canva.Com l Manage Your Time


2. Save Up

Transitioning into a business can have a lot of unforeseen expenses. Make sure you're financially prepared for this leap. Start saving a portion of your monthly income for this venture. 

In my case, I kept my employment salary for my living expenses and support for my family while a portion of my income from my Direct Selling business went to the operation expenses of the IT Consulting Startup until I was able to close my first Enterprise deal which allowed me to fully fund the IT Consulting start-up and enjoy the financial benefits of being an entrepreneur. 


8 Clever Tips to Launch Your Business 2. Saveup
Canva.Com l Saveup for your future


3. Market Research

Spend time understanding your potential market, customer needs, and competition in advance. This is essential for crafting a unique and sellable product or service.

Validate your idea with mini-experiments: Conduct low-cost market research to refine your concept and ensure your offering resonates with your target audience. 

This will ensure that the product or service you are offering has a real problem to solve. 

8 Clever Tips to Do Before Starting Your Business 3. Market Research


4. Create a Robust Business Plan

Your business plan should detail your business strategy, target market, SWOT analysis, financial plan, and marketing strategy. Having a comprehensive plan will guide your actions and keep your goals in check as you start your business.

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8 Clever Tips to Do Before Starting Your Business 4. Create a Business Plan


5. Network

As a new entrepreneur, navigating the exciting yet challenging world of starting a business, don't underestimate the power of networking. Building relationships with fellow entrepreneurs, potential customers, and mentors in your industry can be an invaluable asset for your long-term success.

Networking events, online forums, and industry communities provide excellent platforms to connect with like-minded individuals, gain valuable insights, and access potential collaborations, partnerships, and even funding opportunities. By actively engaging with your network, you'll not only gain valuable knowledge and support, but also build brand awareness and establish yourself as a credible player in your field.

8 Clever Tips to Do Before Starting Your Business 5. Network
Canva.Com l Networking

6. Start building your online presence 

Create a simple landing page or social media profile to capture early interest and build excitement around your future venture. 

In my case, I opened my IG and FB Accounts for biggerbetterme coaching early in 2023 even when I actually started in October 2023. 

Don't wait until your business is fully launched to start building your online presence. Establishing a simple landing page or social media profiles early on allows you to capture early interest and generate excitement around your future venture. This initial online presence can also serve as a valuable tool for building your personal brand and establishing yourself as an authority in your field. By proactively shaping your online narrative from the outset, you'll be well-positioned to hit the ground running when your business officially launches and connect with potential customers, collaborators, and investors who resonate with your brand.

Invest on defining your personal brand early on.

In today's digital landscape, investing in defining your personal brand before starting a business is crucial for establishing credibility, attracting your target audience, and building a loyal following from the very beginning.



7. Educate yourself

Don't underestimate the power of knowledge! While you juggle your day job, invest time in educating yourself about the entrepreneurial landscape. Dive into books that:

  • Spark inspiration: Discover stories of successful entrepreneurs and their journeys.
  • Offer practical advice: Learn essential business skills, marketing strategies, and financial management tips.
  • Empower your mindset: Cultivate a growth-oriented mentality and overcome challenges with confidence.

Recommended Resources:

Fuel your passion and gain valuable insights with these recommended books that inspire and empower aspiring business owners like you and me included.


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8. Identify your "why" and set realistic goals.

Many dream of starting a business, but the demands of a full-time job can make it seem daunting. Before diving in, take a step back to discover your true purpose. What ignites your passion? Is it financial freedom, pursuing a cause you deeply care about, or the thrill of building something from scratch? Or do you feel like you have a calling? 

Unlocking your "why" is the secret weapon of thriving side hustlers. It's the fire that ignites your passion and guides you through the inevitable challenges. Whether it's financial freedom, pursuing a cause, or building something meaningful, understanding your core motivation keeps you focused and energized.

Setting realistic, achievable goals becomes your roadmap to success. By breaking down your aspirations into smaller milestones, you stay motivated and celebrate progress along the way. Remember, even the most powerful car needs a destination to reach its full potential. Define your "why" and set smart goals to transform your side hustle into a fulfilling journey, fueled by purpose.

Need help in identifying your true calling? Maybe this mini-course on Awakening your True Calling can be a great reference.  

8 Clever Tips to Do Before Starting Your Business 8. FInding your Purpose
Canva.Com l Finding your Purpose

By implementing these smart strategies, you can lay the groundwork for your business while you still have the steady income of your day job.

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