From Buried in Debt to Time Freedom - A Mother's Inspiring Journey!

Date Published: April 9, 2024

From Crime Registrar buried in debt to the famous "Mother Ant": Building a Dream Business on Her Terms

Hey mama! Juggling a demanding job, a sick child, and a mountain of debt sounds like a recipe for burnout, right? That's exactly what Charlyn June, also known online as "Mother Ant," was facing. From being buried in debt to enjoying Time Freedom with her kids - her story is an inspiring  mompreneur journey to time freedom. 

Instead of succumbing to the pressure, Charlyn channeled her inner entrepreneur and built a thriving business that gave her the time freedom and financial security she craved. Let's dive into her inspiring story and see how she did it!Mompreneur journey : Humble beginnings

The Breaking Point: When "Enough" Becomes "Empowerment"

Charlyn, a former Crime Registrar, was already juggling side gigs on top of her full-time job to make ends meet. But the weight of debt felt crushing, and the lack of flexibility in her schedule was suffocating. "I used all my leave when my daughter got sick," she recalls, "and dragging myself to work just wasn't cutting it anymore."

This working mom reached a turning point. "I'm a naturally ambitious person," Charlyn shares, "and the thought of being trapped in this cycle for years filled me with dread. I knew I had to create a better future for myself and my kids." This frustration and thought-process led her to find another way so she can find financial and time freedom. 


From Paycheck to Purpose

From Scrappy Start to Thriving Success: Resourcefulness Rules!

Charlyn's journey wasn't a walk in the park. She didn't have a fancy home office or expensive equipment. But Charlyn's got grit! "I started small," she laughs, "using a hand-me-down laptop with a missing 'k' key and a borrowed internet connection. Can you imagine writing articles like that?" This "anything is possible" attitude is what propelled Charlyn forward. She hustled for small freelance gigs, proving that resourcefulness and a strong will can take you further than you think.


mompreneur giving back to new writers

Building a Support System and Leveling Up: The Power of Community

While her family's unwavering support was a constant source of strength, Charlyn craved a broader professional network. "Back then, there weren't a lot of freelance resources," she explains. This gap didn't discourage her, it ignited a new flame. "I created my own community," she beams proudly. But Charlyn knew continuous learning was key. "I invested in courses and mentors," she says, "constantly sharpening my skills and expanding my knowledge base."


Time Freedom: The Sweetest Reward

Today, Charlyn embodies the dream of many working moms: time freedom. "I'm finally a present mom to my kids and an intentional wife to my husband," she beams. The flexibility afforded by her thriving freelance business has opened doors to pursue her passions beyond income. Charlyn is now a published author, a champion for abused women and children, and all while earning double what she did in her corporate role! "Time freedom is the biggest perk!" she exclaims.

Lessons Learned: Your Roadmap to Success

Charlyn's journey offers valuable lessons for aspiring mompreneurs like you.

  • Know Your Why:  Start by digging deep and asking yourself, "What ignites my fire?" Defining your purpose will fuel your motivation during challenging times.
  • Embrace Resourcefulness: You don't need everything perfect to start. Use what you have and build your dream brick by brick.
  • Invest in Yourself: Never stop learning and growing. Workshops, mentors, and online courses can be invaluable tools for success.

Remember, mama, you have the power to create the life you deserve! Charlyn's story is proof that with determination, resourcefulness, and a strong support system, you too can build your dream business and achieve time freedom.

Are you ready to take the first step? Let's chat in the comments below and share your entrepreneurial dreams! #mompreneur #timefreedom #dreambusiness

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