how do successful entrepreneurs handle failure?

How do successful business people handle failure? Well, for me personally, in one word is: embracing failure for success.   

When it comes to achieving success in both business and life, winners have a few key qualities that set them apart from those who struggle. One of these qualities is their ability to handle failure with a positive mindset. Successful entrepreneurs view failure as a learning experience and an opportunity for growth. Instead of getting discouraged, they analyze their actions and results to figure out what went wrong. Then, they go back to the drawing board, change their approach, and try again.

In short, the way you handle failure can make all the difference in your journey toward success. So, next time you encounter a setback, try to see it as a result and a chance to learn and improve. And remember, successful people don't give up after one failure - they keep pushing until they reach their goals.

Why do new business owners fail easily? 

Many new business owners don't make it out of the gate because as soon as they fail, they figure, "Who am I kidding? I knew it wouldn't work" and then quit! If everyone had that mindset, we wouldn't have electricity, airplanes, or vaccines ... actually, we'd have pretty much nothing! Every single success in this world was preceded by one, two -- a thousand failures! Babe Ruth set a record for the most home runs. Did you know he also had the record for the most strikeouts? Thomas Edison failed more than a thousand times before he perfected the light bulb.

Why failure is necessary for success?

It's often said that if you're not failing, you're not pushing yourself to your full potential. Staying in your comfort zone may feel safe, but it won't get you to the level of success you're truly capable of. On the other hand, failure is a necessary part of the learning process. It allows you to identify what went wrong, learn from your mistakes, and grow as a result. If you give up at the first sign of failure, you'll never reach your full potential and will remain stuck where you are. So, don't be afraid to take risks and embrace failure as a necessary part of your journey toward success.

Albert Einstein once said, "You cannot solve a problem with the same level of thinking that created it." And, "The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result." What these statements teach is, to overcome failure, you must think differently and act differently. It is what separates the ordinary from the extraordinary!

Success Quot

How to change your perspective on failure?

As a new business owner, it's important to recognize when you need guidance and support from others who can offer the expertise you may be lacking. This may mean forming a team of individuals with different skill sets and perspectives to inject new talent into your project. The fear of failure can be a major obstacle that holds many entrepreneurs back from achieving their goals. But, it's important to remember that failure should not be feared, but embraced. Living in fear can prevent you from taking necessary risks and can lead to a life half-lived. So, don't let the fear of failure hold you back. Seek out support and embrace failure as a learning opportunity that can ultimately lead to greater success.

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Don't let fear of failure hold you back - if you're feeling stuck and unable to move forward, consider bringing in outside support and guidance to help you overcome obstacles and achieve your goals. With the right help and resources, you can conquer any challenge and reach new heights of success.

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It's an exciting time to be an entrepreneur—technology has leveled the playing field and sparked an entrepreneurial revolution in the last decade. As an entrepreneur, you now have more information at your fingertips, allowing you to make quick and informed decisions. You have an advantage over large corporations because you are lighter, more adaptable, and quicker on your feet. You can more quickly target new markets and pivot on a dime.


But being a successful entrepreneur requires that you look at the big picture and follow a plan through from beginning to end. Here are some practical guidelines that can help you when beginning your own enterprise:


1. Don’t Quit Your Day Job Just Yet

Consider starting your business part-time, especially if it’s online, while you’re working and have a steady income. It usually takes six months to a year to get a business going and you don’t want your ability to make your house payment to hinge upon your company being an overnight success. Start with what you can manage, financially and time-wise, and scale up as your business grows.

Personally, this is what I did. In the morning I work as an IT Analyst in a Regional IT Head Quarters of a Pharma Distribution Company. After work, I do my Direct Selling Business as a Sales Director in Mary Kay where I do one-on-one or group product presentations through conducting skin care classes; I do trainings, motivational talks and networking. After 7 years f doing this, I, together with 2 business partners founded an IT Software Consulting business. For 3 years, I was doing 3 things!

Was it hard? Oh yes, my social and personal life were out of priority. Was it worth it? Definitely! Now, I can share these experiences and knowledge with you freely!    


2. Find Your Niche

The days of general stores are over. Particularly online, consumers are looking for stores that specialize. You have to find a need—something a specific group of people want, but can’t get at the big chain stores—and fill it. You can’t compete with the big guys, so you have to find where the big guys aren’t and go into your niches.


3. Have an Online Presence

Even if you’re not planning to start an online retail business, consider that the internet can still play a valuable role in your company. Having an online presence eliminates the limitations of physical location and broadens your customer base by, literally, millions. It’s also a great tool for promoting yourself and letting people, even in your own area, know that you’re there, and what you’re doing.

4. Practice the Abundance Mindset 

There is always enough for everyone.

This is an important belief that every person in business should keep.When you strongly believe that there are enough resources for everyone, you automatically trust that you can access what you need when you need it. This mindset can make you run your business with much confidence. 

Need help in changing your belief and mindset from scarcity mindset to abundance mindset? Download this FREE handbook on the 5 Steps To Developing an Abundance Mindset that I have created for you. 

Know that everyone on this planet has the opportunity to live an abundant life; it all depends on one's mindset. Once you are fully aware of your thoughts and your ability to change your thinking process, you will find an abundant, happy, and fulfilling life. You can achieve your goals faster because you know you can achieve it.  Know that anyone can develop an abundance mindset and achieve whatever they truly desire and believe they are entitled to. 

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5. Never ever Quit

Entrepreneurship requires creativity, energy, and the determination to keep going even when things go wrong. Few people realize that before creating Microsoft 3.0, Bill Gates created Microsoft 1.0 and 2.0, both of which failed miserably—but he persisted. And it is this determination and refusal to give up that will distinguish successful entrepreneurs from those who fail. To get past the 'No' or the trouble, arm yourself with optimism. Failure isn't a bad thing—just don't make the same mistake twice!

Also, always have a Plan B, C, or even D. Your plan may not always go as planned, but if you are flexible and adaptable enough, you will have something to fall back on if your initial plan fails.

Here's to wishing you a good and abundant life!


Coach Cecille 

Wooing customers is a little bit like dating.  No, you can't present the engagement ring on your first date!  There's a two-way relationship that grows one step at a time before it leads to the church doors.  You can't rush it... you can't skip it... if you're looking for the satisfaction of a life-long commitment.

Getting to know your date, or getting to know your customer takes a little time and effort.  The personality, likes and dislikes of each date are different, but customers share some commonalities that you, the marketer, can grab onto.  Give them what they want, and they'll become the loyal, lifetime customers that make your business prosper.


1. Forget About Selling... Put The Emphasis On Buying

People like to think that all of their buying decisions were reached due to their own great ideas and skillful shopping.  Hey, no one is fond of a pushy salesman.  A salesman who "HELPS" them discover the best buy for their buck on the other hand, is a hero. 

Really, when a person walks into your place of business, they are most likely thinking of making a purchase before they get there.  You don't have to persuade them to buy.  You can take it easy, and simply help them decide what the best purchase is.

Keep your focus on the customer and his needs.  Think... what benefits would he be most interested in?  What is the price range he can afford?  Basically, keep in mind that you are there to serve his needs, not persuade him.  Ah, the pressure's off!


2. Make Purchasing  A "Sure Bet"

Buying is a "risky" business.  The higher the price tag reads, the higher the risks are!  Yep, a customer is just looking for a product that satisfies the needs he purchased it for.  The question they ask themselves is... "Is it worth it?"

Hey, it's a legitimate question.  The world is full of scams where you spend your hard earned cash and end up with trash that doesn't last and that you can't get serviced.  A few tough lessons leave customers wary about off-the-cuff purchases.  They want something they can trust.

A money back guarantee alleviates a great amount of concern in the mind of the consumer.  There's peace in knowing that if the product doesn't live up to its claims, they aren't stuck footing the bill for a piece of junk.

Customer testimonials also clearly tell "would be" buyers that you really do deliver customer satisfaction.  No one can say it better than a satisfied customer, but don't carelessly use testimonials.  You need a method to your madness.  Pick clear and specific testimonials to use, and include as much about the customer as you possibly can to lend credence to his testimony.


3. Let Them Know That It's An Easy Process

Simplicity... ah, it makes life so much easier.  Yeah, your harried customers are busy and tired.  They don't want to mess around.  Most of the time, they just want to make the purchase and head home.  Convenience stores testify to the fact that quick and easy often overrides a better price!

Make the buying process as simple as you possibly can.  Remember that not everyone prefers the same method.  The more options you have available, the more customers you will please.

When you're planning your marketing campaign, don't forget to point out the quick, fast, and easy benefits of your product.  Remember that value isn't everything. It's pretty easy to charm your customers when you know what they like!  Keep these 3 tactics in mind as you go about the daunting task of growing your business and expanding your customer list... and watch your profits go through the roof.


Happy Selling!

Coach Cecille 


Goal setting is the true secret to success in any area of life. But although setting a goal may seem simple, achieving it is usually another question altogether.

Why is that?

Because you will never achieve your goals unless you: (1) know exactly what you want, (2) are passionate about your goal, and (3) have a solid, realistic plan of action.

This is what marks the difference between nebulous dreams and wishes - and truly achievable goals!

live your dream


Many obstacles and challenges will fly right in your face when you're going after a goal. Here are 5 time-tested methods that will help get the success you deserve.

1.Know exactly what your goal is

 Your first job is to discover exactly what your goal is. What will achieving that goal really look like? Be as specific as possible about exactly what your desired end result is. Your success will be a measure of your clarity - since an achievable goal plan cannot be created around a nebulous "dream." 

If your goal is to create a more successful business, what will that look like? Are you thinking in terms of simply hiring someone else to give you more free time? Are you looking for a very specific monthly profit?

Or can your goal be best expressed in terms of a certain lifestyle? Regardless of what you want, the best way to get it is to first clarify exactly what you want in as much detail as possible. This can be hard work. But without a clear mental picture, you'll never have the focus required to achieve your goal.

2. Be willing to pay the "entry fee"

Success takes dedicated planning and effort. In a way it's like building a house. In the beginning all you have is a rough concept. Then you develop a complete set of plans - and you immediately move closer to success. The same is true of creating a better lifestyle, or a more successful business. But there's always an *entry fee* to be paid for success.

The entry fee? Creating more success in your business may mean less recreational time. Writing your own book may require less TV. Being closer to your children may require adjusting your work or social activities.

It's the "full glass" deal. If your life (your time) is already full to the top, there's no room for something new. The entry fee is carving out the time to create something new.

3. Focus on your goal every day

I'm sure you probably want to achieve your goal as fast as possible. That's why clear mental focus is so very important. Consistent daily focus is absolutely necessary to "burn in" the new neural pathways you need to create your new goal.

Without daily focus, the old mental habits that have kept you from your goal will continue to take over. This happens automatically - since these old habits replay 24/7 deep in your subconscious mind. The only way to override subconscious anti-success messages is to consciously focus on what you DO want - and build new neural networks!

That's why success is an everyday event. Recommit to your goal every day. Don't let your goal take a back seat to the daily tasks and distractions that will try to take over. Life WILL try to get in your way. Just get, and stay, on course every day. Focus on your goal, and on success!

4. Get passionate

One of the most powerful tools in your "success tool box" is having real passion for your goal. Why passion? Because intense passionate desire for your goal will help you burn in those new neural pathways even faster.

Many, many scientific studies have shown that intense emotion (passion) is a key success tool. PLUS (and this is really a *big* plus), intense passion will also help you rapidly override any inappropriate old "failure messages" stored in your subconscious mind.

5. Take consistent action

In many ways, actually taking action can be the most difficult step. Successful goal achievement is built by taking one small action after another. The word is ACTION! If you commit to take at least one small action each day, your actions WILL add up and make a difference. So avoid sitting back waiting for that big second when everything will magically "just happen."

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Remember, you CAN create whatever you want in life. The secret is to determine exactly what you want, then pursue it passionately. But remember -- in the end, only action counts! You can't just dream about it! You have to DO IT!

To your success,

Coach Cecille 


You’ve read the ads or seen the infomercials. “Build a six or seven figure income while lounging in your pajamas in your work at home business.” For many people who hear this, their scam detector goes up and they become defensive.  Why? Because they have heard countless horror stories of people who have lost their shirts trying to create a business from home.

However, the truth is there are thousands of home based entrepreneurs around the country who have cracked the code, created their place in the world and taken it to the bank.  So how did they do it? Why do some people struggle and never ever break even, while others create outrageously successful home based careers?

There are certain habits which I believe are consistent with all of these enterprises. Here are seven habits or traits to insure an outrageously profitable home-based venture.


1.Find a hungry target market and look for a product or service to meet their needs.

I am surprised how many frustrated entrepreneurs miss this. What often happens is someone gets excited, hit by an entrepreneurial seizure and tries to start a business with a product or service and feels it will sell simply because of their emotional attachment.

Keep your mind open when looking at home based business income opportunities. However, make sure someone wants to buy whatever you have to sell before you jump in. Don’t get me wrong, you want to have a passion for what you do. However, if you love 8 track tapes it might be a problem.  And depending on your age you might be thinking, “What’s an 8 track tape?” Get my point? However, if you find a group of people who are hungry for what you have it is like shooting fish in a bucket. When you find a group that has a problem they want solved they will pay you to do it.


2. Understand nothing happens until a sale is made. 

I am amazed at how many budding entrepreneurs say they hate sales. This is unfortunate because everything else in a business is an expense. If you don’t have sales coming in the door eventually the doors will close. Sales and marketing if done correctly is the engine to a company’s success.

The key is to add value to the customer at every opportunity.

One of the vital things to remember is the first time you obtain a client is the most expensive.  But real wealth is built when you have the opportunity to sell to a customer over and over again. Some companies even take a loss to get the customer in the pipeline because they realize the real money is on the back end and the true profit is in the lifetime value of the customer.


3. Develop a strong team.

One of the traits that will accelerate the success of any business is the leverage generated by the help of others. While you are building a home based business you don’t want to do it alone.

There are only 24 hours a day and you can’t do everything. You want to look for opportunities to outsource all non revenue generating activities.  Successful proprietors don’t waste a lot of time on filing and organizing.


4. Focus on the business, not just working in the business. 

What separates you from being able to create a company that provides you with great income and lifestyle versus one that you are chained to the doors is a matter of focus. Successful entrepreneurs focus on the big picture.

I’m saddened when people say, “No one can do what I do.” This might be true however it presents a great challenge. You are now a slave to your business. The business no longer serves you. The goal must be to take “you” out of as much of your business as possible.

Look for ways to remove you, automate and systemize the process. One of the ways to do this is to use the leverage of technology. You might want to use a website that allows people to order your product or service 24/7. Or you might write a book which can be sold while you are asleep. Get the picture?


5. A highly successful home based business has a central theme or mission. 

Many home based businesses never reach success because they are trying to do too many things at the same time. You might be saying, “But I want to create multiple streams of income.” The problem with multiple streams of income can be a nightmare if approached incorrectly.

New entrepreneurs often make the mistake of trying to create several profit centers from non aligned businesses. For example, you will find people who try to start real estate, network marketing and internet marketing all at the same time.

The reason you will almost never have success with this strategy is you can not build momentum. Each business has a totally different business model and you can’t leverage the energy of one to another. However, the successful home based entrepreneur understands the law of momentum.

For example, if you were an author one of your products would be the book.  However, you could spin that product into an empire by leveraging it into an ebook, tape set, work-book, seminar, boot camp and coaching program. Do you see the power of having one central product or theme and how you can leapfrog to success?

You want to be focused and committed to a central theme. Once you have success you can add another stream of income. This trait is one of the hidden keys to success.


6. Resilient and quick to adapt to change.

This is one of the distinct advantages solo-entrepreneurs have over large companies. Oftentimes large corporations invest thousands of dollars in a project and even when they know it’s not working they are slow to change. In Corporate America this may not kill a business because one mistake is just a cog in the wheel.  However, in small business your ability to change on a dime allows you to test things and when things work you do it with massive all out action. And when something is not working you simply let it go, test something else and move forward.


7. Commit to continual education.

Now, I am not talking about another degree or certificate. There are plenty of people with plaques on their walls that aren’t able to create the income and lifestyle they want. However, I love the quote by one of the leading experts in self-development. Jim Rohn says, “Formal education will make you a living; self education will make you a fortune.” 

Personal development and specialized knowledge often is the difference between a fledgling operation and one that has an outrageously bottom line. Why? Because successful people know that the best investment they can make is in self.

Make sure that you are always staying ahead of the curve and immerse yourself in your area of expertise. You can do this by attending seminars, tele-classes, boot camps or participating in coaching programs. 

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To your success!

Coach Cecille