What Business Makes Sense for your This Year?

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Hey Future CEO! 

We're thrilled to have you on board! This course is designed to be your roadmap to discovering the perfect business idea that aligns with your passions, skills, and lifestyle. Here's a sneak peek at the modules and how each one contributes to our ultimate goal: helping you identify the business that makes sense for YOU to launch this year!


  1. BBME: Know Your Coach – Get to know your guide on this entrepreneurial journey! We'll establish a foundation of trust and understanding your coach's background and approach.
  2. Course Intro – Dive headfirst into the course structure, learning objectives, and most importantly, what YOU can expect to achieve by the end.
  3. 3 Pillars of a Fulfilling Business – We'll uncover the three crucial elements that contribute to a successful and fulfilling business venture. Understanding these pillars will help you build a business you love.
  4. Clarity Worksheet – This powerful tool is your key to self-discovery! Through a series of questions, you'll gain clarity on your passions, skills, and desired lifestyle to pinpoint potential business ideas.
  5. Clarity Sheet Sample + Sense Check and Rating – We'll delve deeper into a sample Clarity Sheet, analyze real-world examples, and learn how to rate your own completed sheet to ensure alignment with your business vision.
  6. SWOT Analysis – Uncover your Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats. This crucial exercise provides a realistic picture of your starting point and potential challenges.
  7. Market Research – Get ready to understand the landscape of your potential business! Learn how to research market needs, trends, and competitor activity to ensure your idea fills a real gap.
  8. Competitor Analysis – Identify your competition and learn what makes them tick. This knowledge empowers you to develop a strong competitive advantage for your own business.
  9. Testing & Validation of Your Idea – Before you invest heavily, let's validate your idea! Discover powerful techniques to test the market and receive valuable feedback to ensure market fit.
  10. Business Plan Intro – Get a head start on crafting a solid business plan – the cornerstone of any successful venture. We'll introduce the key components and guide you through the initial steps.
  11. Bonus Material – We've packed in some extra resources and helpful content to further enhance your learning experience!
  12. Essential Ingredients of a Startup – Learn the fundamental elements that every successful startup needs to thrive. This module sets you up for a strong foundation and a sustainable business model.

By actively participating in each module and completing the exercises, you'll gain the knowledge, clarity, and confidence to identify the perfect business idea for YOU to launch this year! Get ready to unleash your entrepreneurial spirit and build a business that excites you!